Thursday, July 5, 2012

How SEO Is Changing and What You Need To Know

For years people have come to depend on SEO to increase the visibility of their company using the same formula that has been proven to work in boosting their search engine rankings. As social media has exploded and become a part of everyone's daily routine, more and more companies began to see how it could impact their visibility and make them more user-friendly and approachable. Social media has become one of the leading ways in which companies are reaching out to potential customers and their existing client base.

With the launching of Google's Search plus Your World, Google has once again changed how people receive their search results. What this means for the consumer is that their search results will now be handpicked based on information gathered from their social network. This new and innovative method of providing individuals with search results has changed the rules when it comes to SEO. For now, this new service is only available to those who use G "Plus" but will likely spread to other sites in the near future. It bases search results on information that people in your network have provided as well as information that is linked to your Google account. There is an option to disable this feature, but unless you know about it, the odds are that most people will just leave the option on.

I'm sure you're wondering how this new feature will impact all of the hard work you've put into SEO; for now it won't have any noticeable impact on your current standings, but in the near future it may force you to change how your company reaches out to your customers on the internet. If you haven't done so already you should create social media pages that revolve around your business and what you have to offer your customers. With this new method that Google has developed, in order for you to be presented in search results you need to utilize your networks, more importantly you need to utilize the networks you have created using Google "Plus". By becoming more involved in your Google "Plus" networks you will see an increased number of hits.

Up until now, SEO has focused primarily on content that has been written in order to provide you with higher page rankings on the most popular search engines. With this new method of determining search results, websites that performed well using SEO may notice that this new formula is not as beneficial for them. In order to succeed in this new world websites are going to have to reach out through their social media networks. This doesn't just mean creating a fan page and letting it sit there, in order to achieve the best results in this new system, people are going to have to be more involved in the content they present and how it is managed. Keeping your content fresh and current is a great way for customers to see how involved you are and how approachable your company may be.

For you to successfully maneuver this new world of SEO you are going to have to take positive steps to become more user-friendly and create networks that will be relevant to this new method of searching. When building your networks it is not always about the numbers it is about the activity on your network that will help you get noticed and suggested to others when they are performing a search. Staying active and producing content that will likely get shared among users in your network and people in their network will increase your visibility and help get you the results you require to succeed.

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