Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Can Google Help Your Business to Grow and Succeed

When you think of Google, you automatically think 'search engine.' However, Google is so much more than a simple search engine - it is an essential tool for every savvy marketer. Google has branched out into a number of advertising initiatives that can enhance your business. In this post we thought we'd explain Google's marketing solutions, and how they can help your business.


AdWords is an effective way to advertise your business online. These ads usually appear at the top and on the right hand side of search result pages. Creating an ad is simple. All you have to do is write a targeted sentence or two about the business or service you're trying to promote. As you write, try to include keywords that people may type in to Google if they were trying to search for your business. Then, when people search for something that relates to your business, your ad has a good chance of appearing in the search results. AdWords is fantastic because it's a targeted way of advertising to an interested, relevant audience.


AdSense allows you to earn more revenue online. It works by allowing you to display ads on a whole range of online channels. For instance, you can add a custom search engine to your website, or you can allow other people to display ads on your site. In a similar way to AdWords, you will earn money when people click on those ads. So if you're already posting content online, this may be a good way for you to turn a higher profit. Best of all, it's free to run.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a program that gives website marketing consultants, SEO gurus, and business owners a real insight into what's working and where they can improve online. Basically, Google Analytics tells you who is visiting your site, what they're looking for, and what they are clicking on or ignoring. It's truly the best way to analyse your website traffic. As a business, you can then use the information you get from Google Analytics to build and strengthen your website so that it climbs up the search engine rankings.

Google Plus

When it comes to social networking, communications, and talking with customers, Google Plus is on a par with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Though it's a newcomer in comparison to those other sites, it is becoming more and more popular. With so many uses, it's not hard to see why. First and foremost, Google Plus lets you share news, links, photos, and videos with people. As well as this communication, the +1 button helps you promote your business anywhere on the web. Finally, Google Plus can measure your followers' activity in much the same way as Analytics.

Even if you do most of your advertising and business offline, in a time when the internet is growing and growing, it makes sense to have a strong online presence. With Google, this process is both easy and effective!

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