Monday, July 2, 2012

How Google+ Can Benefit Small Businesses

Social media networks started out to make sure that people could connect with their friends. As the phenomenon took over the internet, businesses began jumping on the bandwagon as a way of connecting with consumers. Google+ is the newest of the social media networks to grace the presence of the internet. It has something a little extra going for it that others don't - it is made by Google, the very brand that seems to turn everything to gold.

Small businesses need help with marketing. Any business who is trying to make a name for themselves needs to get out and market like crazy to show consumers that they exist and create a need for the particular product or service that they offer. Marketing dollars aren't available in many budgets for a small business, however, which is why many of them struggle and eventually close within the first five years of opening.

Google+ changes all of that by taking what a company and a website already has and expanding on it. It is not just a social network. It is a tool that is going to help in search rankings and assist with a small business becoming a part of the community.

Once can connect to Google+ simply by incorporating all of their current contacts with Google. A small business can leverage their friends as well as their friends' friends. The more people who discover the product or service through the social network of Google+, the more business it could provide. This is going to help with conversions, too. More consumers are likely to buy a product if it comes recommended by their friends.

Google+ has taken it one step further with the addition of Google +1. Now, people can vote to like a page in the same fashion as Facebook. The only difference is that these votes show up as numbers in a person's search page rankings. The more votes a business has, the more likely that the small business is going to be at the top of a search page.

No marketing dollars are required to make Google+ work for a small business. It's a free service. All a business has to do is sign up for an account and start connecting with friends, other businesses and much more. Combine that with any efforts with SEO content and links to and from the company website and it's a recipe for success.

Fred Lotgering is a professional Internet Marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is dedicated to help to grow small and medium sized businesses by offering a variety of Internet Marketing tools! He is the owner of LotCon. ("LotCon" comes from Lotgering Consultancy). LotCon is registered in the Netherlands, soon also in Brazil). For more products suitable for "YOUR" business please go to: LotCon Biz Solutions Blog

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