Friday, June 29, 2012

Google+ Page Increases Online Marketing Results And Your Bottom Line

You can improve your online marketing results and your bottom line with the Google+ Page feature. Though Google+ seems to be a start up, based on Google's reputation and its track record of releasing successful products with just a few hiccups, this highly awaited and much anticipated social networking platform definitely has immense marketing potential. Creating a Google+ profile and setting up a Google+ pages is quick and easy and people who have not done it yet are losing out on tons of potential leads and clients that could boost their sales and maximize their return on investment. The Google+ profile page now includes a location where all the +1s are housed, so users can now see what people have +1ed through their Google Profile and this shows up on the profile page directly.
While the verification policy that the search engine juggernaut has adopted seems to have quite a few loopholes, their attempt to simulate a more organic social media start up might explain this. Google+ is all set to become a very important part of a company's social media strategy and people across the board and from different industries should start experimenting by creating a brand page immediately to stay ahead of the curve.
These Google+ Pages are sure to have an impact on SEO (search engine optimization strategies), which would affect website rankings in the near future. So, it is highly recommended that business owners claim a Google+ Page for their business right away and ensure that they stay up to date with the latest in SEO for their business website. Business owners need to have a Google Account, so they can use their address book as a starting point to invite people to their network.
The 'Create A Page' tool enables users to create their Google+ Page and while there are different categories that people can choose from when making a page, the steps are the same across all categories of pages expect for local. Once the page is set up, users can enjoy a host of features that include, but are not limited to circles (for different groups like work, friends, and family), the group video feature called Hangout that supports a maximum of ten people per session, a mobile group-chat service called Huddle, Instant Uploads for mobile photos and videos, and Sparks, a new feature that allows users to create topics of interest and use them as a source of information when they surface in search. These articles can be shared with the general public, a specific person, a circle, or a group of circles.
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