Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Google's Plus 1 Impacts Your Chiropractic Marketing

For those doctors involved in chiropractic marketing, it's essential that they know how to dominate Google. The major challenge in attempting to do so is that the high-profile search engine is constantly evolving and that means that those who want to utilize its power must keep up with and, at times, even stay ahead of those changes.

What's Google Plus 1?

Google Plus 1 is a button that people can select when they go to your site to say that they think you're the top. It's an icon that says, you're number one on a person's list. When someone visits your site, they can hit the button to publicly recommend you.

When their friends, contacts and others perform a search that's connected to your site, you're going to come up. It's a great chiropractic marketing tool that's a shorthand for fantastic word of mouth because their recommendation is part of someone's specific search results.

Making it Work

So when someone searches for "chiropractors in" whatever city or region you're located wouldn't it be great if your practice popped up with a personal Google Plus 1 recommendation? This can simply be a major boost to your business and it certainly doesn't hurt your search engine rankings.

All you have to do to utilize Google Plus 1 on your site is go to and click on "Get the code." When you go to the next page, you simple copy and paste the HTML code to your website. The icon will be in place and you are set to go.

Relevant Content

The Goggle Plus 1 icon is for relevant content. That is when someone performs a search and they click that Google #1 symbol, they are saying that your site's content connected with their search. That means that part of your chiropractic marketing tool is top-notch content that is connected to those who you want to attract to your site and convert.

Utilizing Google Fully

To use the power of Google as much as you can in chiropractic marketing, you want to access as many different congruent tools as you can. Along with Google Plus 1, chiropractors want to ensure they have done or are doing the following.

· Using SEO content that is maximized. · Getting positive reviews on Goggle. · Making sure you're on Google Maps. · Connecting with patients via Facebook and Twitter. · Creating your own YouTube channel. · Blogging on a regular basis.

The Key is Integration

Google is not one thing. It's an array of services, features and options that can bring you to the top of searches in many different ways. The key to successful online chiropractic marketing is integrating the various aspects of Google and other powerful features of the Internet in a manner in which they can feed off of one another. Google Plus 1 has added a new way for you to become top of that massive search engine heap.

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