Saturday, June 23, 2012

Google Plus Heats Up the Competition Against Facebook

June 2011 Google publicly made the code available for webmasters to add the Plus One button to their sites. Advertised on the homepage of millions as well as AdSense accounts alike, Google is ready to launch the next generation of what could possibly be how the web is displayed. For those of you who are new to the whole concept and what this little button is, allow me to briefly explain: This little button is similar to a like or tweet button on Facebook or Twitter except this button has the power to determine you and your friends search terms, while it's only new right now we will quickly see what the web could look like in the future.

The web is becoming a crowded place with millions of content to be crawled daily from Youtube videos to articles and new information that needs to be available with in not just a matter of hours or even minutes anymore, we are talking about seconds. The problem isn't so much whether the content can be found but whether or not the content we are searching for is what we want, with sites like Twitter and Facebook users are able to share resources online this is simply known as social bookmarking, even at that what if we are searching for something now and if you are like most of us we utilize Google as a search engine.

Google Plus includes profiles which are currently in beta and only available to select users. The profile is similar to that of Facebook or Twitter, if you already have a Google account you can still use the plus one button on websites you just won't have access to the profile where you can add your picture and bio along with other information. It's a very basic setup but with how big Google is there will always be endless possibilities of what's in store.

The idea behind the Google Plus Button is to share valuable websites with friends, for example lets say friend A likes a post and friend B happens to do a search for something friend A like. Friend B will now see that search term pushed to the top of the search results, seems pretty simple right? At the moment the Plus button is quite new so it's hard to monitor the results but it doesn't stop there, Google also can see when a lot of people "Plus" a page, this is similar to creating backlinks or bookmarking a site to multiple directories, except a lost of pluses ultimately means higher rankings because when a lot of browsers find a particular page useful Google wants to push the result to the top of the list, makes sense since the whole idea behind a search engine is to find exactly what you're looking for.

As of right now it's rather hard to say how big of an impact this little button will have on search engine rankings, but if you're a webmaster it definitely won't hurt to add the button now. Facebook and Twitter doesn't have much to worry about they are both very large sites in fact both are considered monopolies for the services they offer, Google may not ever create a social networking service as big as either of the two but one thing is for sure Google will always be a valuable source to browse the web and find useful content, and even with all the services our friend offers we can always expect something to make the web a better place.

Levi Pulkrabek is a webmaster and internet marketer. Levi currently enjoys writing useful and informative posts online for his users to read, in his spare time he blogs tweets and networks with his friends.

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