Friday, June 22, 2012

Google Plus Boasts 18 Million Users AND a Documented 20% Increase in Web Traffic

In a recent whitepaper describing the effects of Google's new Plus One button (now known throughout the industry as +1), Gerard Klein and Keesjan Deelstra of SEO Effect, report on the effects of +1 on search. +1 is a button with a dual purpose. First, it can be used in a similar way to Facebook's "like" button, allowing you to vote for a webpage. Second, the +1 tools can be added to search results to inform people in your custom created social circles of the page's existence.

If you join the Google experiment, the +1 button can be added to your site and will automatically produce data for analysis about performance, including the number of people who +1'd your site and along with gender and age information.

Though the findings of their April 2011 experiment are admittedly limited, the results showed the +1 button can increase both the number of impressions in search results and the visibility of a web page by as much as 20% with click through rates and visits that parallel these numbers.

SEO Effect's whitepaper attributed the 20% increase in traffic to a page being +1'd, since:

· +1 results in a higher ranking when people re-visit earlier searches

· +1 pages are ranked higher in the social circles of the person that cast the vote

· +1 markings, which appear in shadow and then appear in color as you scroll through the search results make for better visibility of a search result

· +1 results will later appear in an individual's search results with a star marking

Certainly, such an early study isn't entirely scientific, but Klein and Deelstra found that Google Plus, whatever its limitations in Beta, is a promising tool for those looking to capitalize on the web. In fact, a lot more has materialized since the June 1st release of this report. A July 14th item in the Wall Street Journal detailed this quarter's financial outlook for Google. Things are looking up for the company and a big part of that is Google Plus. Consider the following astonishing facts about the quick growth of Google Plus:

There are now 1018 million Google Plus users 1 billion items a day are being shared on Google Plus The +1 Button is being served 2.3 billion times a day

The rapid growth of Google Plus is quickly quieting the naysayers and surpassing the expectations of even its early supporters. In the space of two months, the +1 button has surpassed Twitter's "share" buttons. If you have not yet looked into Google Plus, now is definitely the time to strike.

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