Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Can You Make Money With YouTube?

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How to drive traffic to your website with YouTube:

YouTube is insanely popular. It gets billions of video views each day. With all that traffic, you can put YouTube to use for you.

Let's look at one way to make money with YouTube:

Drive Traffic to Your Site

YouTube is a GREAT way to drive traffic to your website. Videos are quick and easy to make. And, with proper keyword research you could get your video in front of a lot of people. Let's look at the steps involved so that you can get started:

1) Pick your niche
2) Research keywords for the title
3) Create and upload quality, informative videos

We'll first look at picking your niche. Now, if you have a website you've presumably already picked your niche. Make sure that your YouTube videos are closely related to the content on your website. If you have a website about cooking French cuisine, don't make a YouTube video about video games. Make a YouTube videos about French gourmet cooking.

Once you have a niche, you'll need to research keywords. You'll use the good keywords you find in your video's title and description. To begin, go to the Google AdWords website. There, you'll find the Keyword Tool. The keyword tool is a great piece of software that will allow you to input a keyword. It will then output how many times that keyword is searched every month as well as suggest several related keywords.

Pick a keyword that has a large amount of searches every month (greater than 1,000) while also having low competition. Why do you look for that? Well, you first want to make sure that there are lots of people looking for what you have to offer. Namely, you want at least 1,000, and the more the better. That means more people will make it to your page and you will get more traffic. You also want to make sure the keyword has low competition. The competition are those websites that are competing with you for a user's attention. High competition means it will be harder for your video to rank high in searches.

Once you have your targeted keyword, be sure to use it in the title and in your comments.

Now, on to the fun stuff. When you create a YouTube video, the most important factor is that it contains quality information that will benefit the user. It doesn't matter what the niche is, your video will NOT be popular if it does not have good content. Keep that in mind throughout the entire process, from planning to production.

In our French cooking example, consider making a good quality video of you making one of your recipes. Speak clearly and with confidence, and be yourself!

In the beginning, you should learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Be sure to read industry reports and lots of blogs. Learn from others' mistakes so that you don't have to make so many yourself!

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