Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Google +1 Social Media What Is It and Why Add It

First came the Facebook Share button, then the Twitter tweet / retweet and now the Google +1. And since Google has over 60% share in search engine market, it must be a "no brainer" to implement this button on your website or blog correct?

It may be, but it may be too early to tell. Although Google rules Cyberspace, it is run by humans like you and I who make not so optimal decisions at times. For example, some time back Google implemented a voting mechanism to their search listings, referred to as the "voting" button.

Searchers could vote sites similar to the concept of Digging or Stumbling Upon. Where is that function now? Nowhere, no one cared for it and it did not "Stick".

But let's look at Google +1 in a bit more detail and see whether this concept will stick. It's certainly too relevant (in my opinion) to ignore so early and easily.

What is Google +1?

Google +1 is Google's attempt to jump into the social media limelight with Facebook and Twitter. Market share leaders don't lag for long, so as recently as last week the giant announced the Google +1 functionality. Thanks to "Extreme John" who commented on my guest post on Yaro's blog, I was first introduced to Google +1 just a few days back.

So what did I do? I jumped on the bandwagon like a rock star. Here is the kicker that got me over the hump to do so: Google came out and said that the Google +1 button will have an SEO impact!

No joke, they did. How much? They didn't say, and I don't have a clue. If I were to guess I'd say none, or very little at best, but I have been wrong before.

Why You Should Add the Google +1 Button?

1) Let's see. Google has 60% search engine market share, which I think will increase in the near future.

2) The Google +1 is super easy to use.

3) More than anything else, if you are playing in the online space, then you should jump into the bandwagon even if it is just for the sake of jumping in. Gotta keep up with the trend right?

What do you have to lose but two minutes of your time? The button is not too big or invasive in my opinion, and can be positioned wherever you want on your blog. But why do you even need all these reasons and justifications?

If there is a God in cyberspace today, it is Google, often cursed by many because of their unprecedented dominance in the search engine space. So why ignore such a beast?

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