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Is SEO Really Spider Language

Can spiders really read SEO? Do some of them wear glasses? Can Spiders talk, too? Well no, not really. This is a special kind of spider. It electronically crawls a website gathering critical information about the website. It sends this information back to, no not its web, but to its master, a search engine. Here the information is assimilated, rated and stored. The rating number is of great importance in the Internet Marketing scene.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

So why do spiders like SEO? SEO cleans and polishes a website something like the process of cleaning and polishing your house to make it appealing and comfortable for your expected guests.

House Cleaning is #1.

On the internet your house is your website, your floors are the needed market and keyword research, your furniture is the site structure and on page optimization, your windows are your link and rank building, and you floral arrangements are your social marketing efforts. The big boss who created SEO and who watches over and sets the standards for cleaning is Google.

Google's mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." To bring about this end Google establishes many rules for Internet operations. SEO is our attempt to harmonize our operation efforts with the rules Google sets. If our house is too dingy for our guests, can we expect Google to send us more? Google ranks all websites via its spiders and their information. If your site is ranked #11 you might get 1% of the traffic that the top ranked site gets. Ranking matters greatly. SEO improves a site's ranking.

2. SEO's First job is Market Research and Keyword Research.

First select your market. Pick two or more which you have a deep interest in. Then look for smaller fractions of those markets. For example, suppose you started with cars, then you might ask, what kind of car? then what size of car? what manufacturer? and so on until the type and size of market you like is reached.

Now, determine the most common word phrases you deem important as those words a searcher would likely type in to a search box when starting a search for the items in your selected market. By using SEO for Firefox and calling up competitor's sites with your computer, there will be displayed several marketing information data which will help you in your research.

You want to find the very same keywords searchers will type in to find answers to their needs. Also you need the volume of searches to be able to determine the size of the market.. Google Keywords will allow you to enlarge your list of keywords plus get a feel for the potential size of your selected market(s).

Then by typing in the market segment name you've chosen, plus "forums" into the Google search box will display a list which you can explore, select a few to visit and join to see what issues are being discussed and this will give further indications of what should be included in your list of keyword phrases. There are several keyword selection tools available on the Internet to assist you.

3. Google LIKES Structure and ORGANIZATION

With clean and shiny floors, it is time to do the vacuuming and dusting the furniture. Let's follow what SEO suggests in this regard. Let's make sure:

Page titles clearly inform visitors what to expect, information should be presented such that the desired information can be found quickly and easily, The website should also be easy to navigate, both for visitors and search engines, Anchor text and tags should assist visitors, not hinder them, The site should offer quality content and services, quality content outranks all else in importance! Unique, easy to read and logically presented content will encourage visitors to come back again. The title and description should foretell the contents of the body of the article or post. Informative headlines should act as helpful sign posts along the way, Images should be meaningful and have simple descriptive name tags and alt attributes.

Envision searchers coming to your site from an external link or to read a blog; then being drawn to one of your articles which leads them to your sales page which converts them to buyers. Success is realized mainly because you used SEO to make your site ready.


If you have a clean and shiny house, you have used SEO and you should tell the world!

On the Internet this is done by posting on widely disbursed channel s creating interest in coming to see your house. Your sidewalks should be clean like quality external links which act as neat pathways guiding visitors to your website. The number of pathways can be expanded by making sure any external posting or mailing you do contains a link back to your website.

Additionally, each backlink lifts your website in Goggle's ranking system too. Get quality links by visiting forums and social media sites participating and leaving posts that include backlinks to your most relevant page. Write and distribute high quality articles, each prepared for one of your keywords. These articles will become pages on your website. Remember content plus promotion plus SEO equals links. Links can also be purchased but be very wary of their quality.

5. Social Media Marketing

What can make your house more appealing than several bouquets of fresh cut flowers? In SEO their appeal is replaced with social marketing. Join sites like Facebook, YouTube, Stumbleupon,, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit and Twitter to name some.

Here you can post news, join groups, build relationships, learn more, teach what you like and display links to your website or pages. Here you meet people with similar interests, and can trade stories. As relationships grow visits can also grow in number. Their numbers are important, particularly those linking to your site. Converting them into customers is a topic for a future article.

6. Keeping Current

One more important aspect of SEO is to keep your website and it's information current. Even a spotless house will soon become musty and collect dust if it is locked up for long periods of time. Air it out, open some windows and periodically do some dusting. A website too, can become musty smelling and unappealing. Keep it fresh and current. Use SEO!

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is important in Internet Marketing. Well done it should result in the increased traffic to your site. Increased traffic should mean more leads and more leads, more sales.

Don't pay for mediocre SEO efforts. Good SEO should pay back a minimum of double your invested costs.

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