Monday, June 18, 2012

Google Plus and SEO The Impact

With the increasing number of social media networking sites, it was about time that Google come out with its own. Aiming to topple over Facebook, Google Plus is attacking the web with much gusto. Known for being the pioneer in like buttons, Facebook revolutionized the way marketing is being done.

Follow the Leader?

Following in suit, Google Plus is starting to pave its way through the internet and into the psyches of people. With the internet being one of the most used media in communication, Google has decided to capitalize on this and create something new. Unlike other social networking sites that are confined with their threshold of information, Google Plus allows its users to both socialize and use Google search engine facilities at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone, many people will realize that Google Plus is indeed something to look forward to.

The Impact of Social Media Networking Sites

Another thing about Google Plus would be its impact in SEO. SEO, as we know it, would involve optimizing websites to have good ranking in search engines. But with this new revolutionary innovation, Google Plus and SEO would be the perfect tandem. Now people can like websites and contents and Google will read this as a website that people actually find helpful. Similar to getting a backlink from another website, this is very helpful to be able to sort out good websites from rubbish websites. People can now control the way Google Plus and SEO work. Instead of past procedures where in people will just embed keywords into articles hence receive high ranking, Google Plus and SEO will work in a way that high ranking will be received via user feedback. The more people like a link, the better rankings it would have on Google. As so they say..

Users can now give feedback on websites that actually helped them and Google will note these feedbacks by reorganizing the rankings in search engines. An even better thing about Google Plus and SEO is that web marketers and writers would be forced to write good quality content. If they want anyone to actually read it, they need to put something substantial. Gone will be the days when web content writers would just write about anything and just plug in as many keywords as they can in an article to get as many hits on searches. This is very good for readers and researchers as they will now have quality articles posted on the internet. Most of the websites they will click on will actually be of help to their work and their lives.

Though many internet marketers are still wary about Google Plus being the newest social media networking sites and its impact in SEO, this can only signify a good change in the way we view the internet today. Information dissemination will now be better and more substantial as compared to before. With Google Plus and SEO working hand in hand, it will definitely bring about many good things for the World Wide Web.

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