Saturday, June 16, 2012

Google +1 Plus You How +1 Affects Your Website and SEO

Now with the introduction of Google +1, the question on everyone's mind, from SEO experts to webmasters to business owners, is whether or not it will affect SEO currently and in the near future. As of right now, the full results have not come into fruition, but more case studies and research monitoring its impact are delivered on a daily basis.

Google +1 works by enhancing a site's status according to a greater amount of +1s received regarding the site, thereby increasing the site's traffic and status in the eyes of Google. This methodology has been likened to backlinks, which serve as a reference point for recommendations of visitors, and the more +1s that a website has, the higher the website will rank.

Current case studies have confirmed Google +1s influence on SEO. The question still thrown around, however, is how specifically Google +1 will affect SEO. Below are some of the focal points to provide a better understanding as to how this new system will affect rankings.

One of the biggest changes of Google +1 could be the presence of personalization, potentially increasing the difference between a standard search result and a personalized result. Google, like the rest of the internet world, has realized the power of social media and it incorporating more of its power in its algorithm. Pages that are frequented and commented on will steadily gain a better standing and status, thereby increasing sales revenue for the visited website. Thrown into this algorithm mix is the notion that all individual +1s are equal, yet individuals with more contacts potentially increase traffic to their preferred sites, which could in essence lead to more power in an alternative way.

Webmasters will have to re-strategize to increase their website's SEO ranking, as Google +1 throws a new element of analysis into the equation. Previously, webmasters were able to research their competitor's SEO methods as a line of defense to protect their ranking or surpass the competition. With the introduction of Google +1, the why of rankings will be answered, but how the ranking comes about will require further evaluation.

The prognosis for Google +1 success is still up in the air. There is no doubt that Google +1 is affecting SEO according to a new added feature in the Google algorithm. Fans and foes of this new feature alike do agree, however, that Google +1 is bound to affect the way they address their SEO agenda. The depths of Google +1 on the overall market and how it will affect webmasters and SEO experts remains to be seen.

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